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what is BURfriends and
why do you need it?

financial support is important, and people are even more!

That’s why we create a community where everyone feels like a true friend. Benefits of BURfriends community participation:

  • be the first to learn BUR news
  • get news digests
  • attend unique events
  • use special offers from our partners
  • chat with friends in a private group
  • raising a new generation of Ukrainian youth with BUR

how BUR raising a new generation?

volunteering actions
volunteering communities
opportunities for development

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as a BURfriend, you help to build trust, responsibility, and capacity among Ukrainian youth

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new generation of Ukrainian youth

BUR are raising:

  • people with a wide worldview
  • who can think and make decisions independently
  • ready to take responsibility for themselves and the world around them
  • people who trust and are trustworthy
  • free from stereotypes and prejudices
  • young entrepreneurs who create jobs
  • leaders who develop communities

our goal – 500 BURfriends

266266 BUR friends

the BUR activity of our community,
which has already given its results

join the people who form the BURfriends community!